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Statistics gleaned from the most recent accounts submitted by the 150 + charities that make up the Charity Brand Index (CBI) show an overall increase of around £300m on the previous years figures. Total income of charities figuring in the CBI list increased from £11.4bn to £11.7bn however, it was not a case of increases across the whole sector it was more a case of winners and losers. The five charities showing the greatest increase in income according to the list was the British Red Cross (BRC), Christian Aid, The Halo Trust, Sightsavers, and Motobility, whilst the five charities posting the largest decreases in income were Cancer UK, The Disasters Emergency Fund (DEC), The Salvation Army, The NSPCC and Action for Children.

The Need to Dig a Little Deeper

However, its crucial when developing your charities’ fundraising strategy to dig a little deeper, and understand the intracies of headline results and their effect on particular income streams. For example, published research has also recently highlighted that a general fall in fundraising income over the past three years has been masked by increased income from legacies. Similarly an overall rise in corporate giving can only be attributed to a handful of companies, whereas contributions from other FTSE 100 companies actually fell slightly. The Institute of Fundraising is an excellent source of published research as is the Office for National Statistics. However, trawling through the multiple reports and different opinions available can be a time consuming piece of work. This is where Underwood Consulting can help. Let our researchers provide you with the knowledge to improve your fundraising strategies.

The External and The Internal

To develop a strong fundraising strategy its also important to consider how the external environment is likely to affect the particular income streams you are considering, as the impact of political decisions and economic trends can vary immensely from one income stream to another.
Of course, no two charities are the same either, and the external environment is only half the story. National trends will not take into account the capacity within your organisation, the strength of your charities’ brand or the reputation your charity has built with different funders over the years.
As part of developing a comprehensive fundraising strategy Underwood Consulting will undertake an in-depth review of the external environment , digging deeper to give you the full picture and combine this with an internal audit of your specific charity. Thus giving you the confidence to proceed with that multi-year plan, at full speed ahead.